Saturday, October 14, 2017

Pampered Chef Baking Stone Review

One of the best purchases I've ever made was the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone. I had been invited to a Pampered Chef home party back in 1998 I believe, if memory serves me correctly. After listening to and watching demonstrations on various products I knew I had to have this rectangular stone.
Mine has lasted for years and is still going strong. At the time I felt a little guilty for spending money, as we were about to buy our first home. I think my husband thought I'd lost my marbles when my stone arrived, by the look on his face. It's funny now when I think back to that time years ago as he uses the stone just as much as I do.
Not only for Pizza.
When I make prepackaged frozen fish I always grab the stone. The reason being is that I can pop it into the oven for the required bake time and not worry about having to flip or turn the fish over at the half way point. I discovered this one time when I'd forgotten to turn the fish over.
The stone is great for heating and cooking appetizers and h'orderves.
We love nachos at our house and quite often if we're making a small batch for two us the stone is perfect.
Breads baked on the stone give the bread a nice crisp crust.
Easy to Clean
Once the stone has cooled off simply run it under hot water and wipe clean. The stone I bought came with a little square scraper which works great for getting off any baked on food such as cheese.

My well used Pampered Chef Heritage Pizza Stone
© 2013 Susan Zutautas